WIX Review

In this article we will look at a popular platform for creating websites called Wix, determine its pros and cons, and see if it is suitable for a particular project. We welcome any comment, question or feedback.

Our rating is 3.5 / 5

First, let’s consider the following questions: 

  • What is the Wix website creation platform? 
  • How functional is it? 
  • Does Wix work for free? 
  • Is it convenient for mobile gadgets and e-commerce? 

 Follow down to find out the whole truth about this platform.

1 What is a platform for creating Wix websites?

Wix is a cloud service for designing and creating websites, without writing codes. 

The platform was created by programmers from Israel in 2006. This largest website development company, with 1,800 employees, is headquartered in Israel and has offices in South and North America, India, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania and Ukraine. The platform is actively used by about 100 million users. 

For comparison, according to Wikipedia and BuiltWith, about 800 employees work in Squarespace. This platform is visited by 1.7 million users. In Jimdo there are 200 employees and approximately 400,000 users. 

It follows that Wix is safe to create a website. In addition, the company offers regular feature updates and other nice buns. 

How functional is Wix?

The platform offers users to create their own websites through a simple and affordable interface. 

It is used for the following needs: 

  • Blogging; 
  • Providing resources for hosting information on the server (hosting); 
  • Creating an online store; 
  • Reservations by appointment; 
  • Data collection, etc. 

But still the resource can demand monetary investments. From this flows … 

2 Does Wix work for free?

There are 9 platform plans or tariffs for the user: 1 free and 8 paid. 

Free tariff is optimal for temporary work, for novice users or for a small job. 

A premium version is required for more professional activities (weddings, sales), but it costs money.The free tariff does not allow you to use your own domain, external mailbox or make payments. In these cases, I advise you to pay attention to other services that are more suitable, but at the same time more expensive. 

The platform Wix has limited content storage and bandwidth limiting. 

Free tariff

The free tariff offers 500 Wix templates, free hosting, 500 MB content storage and 1 GB bandwidth. This is enough to create a simple site. You can try to create a website without providing credit card information. This rate is supported by advertising.

Combined tariff

The combined tariff offers a domain connection to your website, its free registration for the first year, storage of 3 GB content and 2 GB bandwidth without annoying advertising. 

In addition, the developers offer 30 “video minutes”, allowing you to download a half-hour video in Wix. This is not exactly useful, but rather a nice addition. In fact, if necessary, you can upload videos on Youtube and other video hosting sites.  

Unlimited tariff

The unlimited tariff is similar to the combined one, but it additionally provides $ 300 of “Advertising Vouchers” to pay for advertising through Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Local Listing. The tariff provides access to the AppSharp application and analytics. 

Unlimited tariff includes 10 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth and 60 “video minutes”. 

Pro plan

This tariff is required for professional activities. It allows access to logos, social icons, calendar for making lists of events and cases. 

VIP tariff

VIP tariff is comparable to the Pro plan, but it provides 100% user support at any time. Wix phone support is available all round the clock on any day of the week for English-speaking users. Users who speak Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese can call any day except weekends. This is a very useful and pleasant service. 

Business basic

Cheap, affordable and feature-rich tariff makes it easy to conduct e-commerce. Functionally, it is comparable to the unlimited tariff, but it offers 20 GB of storage, 5 hours of working with videos, allows you to connect Google Analytics. Perhaps this is one of the best deals of Wix.

Unlimited business

This tariff is similar to the mentioned above, but is supplemented with logos, social badges, more voluminous content storage (35 GB) and large-scale “video watches” (10). The tariff significantly expands business opportunities and blurs limited boundaries.

Business VIP

The Business VIP tariff offers the user 50 GB of content storage, unlimited video hours and priority support. This special rate is suitable for advanced users and medium business entrepreneurs.


The most expensive tariff from Wix is the most functional, it gives you the opportunity to consult with experts on web design and code, provides access to a dedicated support line. 

Domain Name Registration

The platform Wix offers to register a new domain or connect an existing one.   

In the first case, you are guaranteed a one-year voucher for registering a domain with paid rates. 

The payment for the extension of Wix is comparable to the payment for the services of other providers such as www.name.com .  

If you do not have a registered domain, feel free to choose Wix. This will be the best solution for you and your business. However, it is worth remembering that if you lose access to your Wix account, you will lose your website and domain name. Be careful! 


When choosing a Wix platform, you use free hosting. 

The developers assure that the coverage of the platform is about 99.8% all over the world. However having servers “worldwide” can be a disadvantage if you do not want to use servers in a particular country for privacy purposes or any other needs. 


Wix offers two options: buy mailboxes or adjust the DNS settings of your Wix domain.  

You can choose any solution, but still the second option is more convenient. When providing the necessary data, Wix performs the configuration for you. This means convenience and simplicity for the user. 

Connecting an external mailbox is possible only with the purchase of a paid plan. 

Is the platform convenient for mobile gadgets and e-commerce? 

3 Wix Templates

As mentioned above, the platform offers 500 templates. This is more than that of Squarespace. Unlike Shopify and Bigcommerce Wix templates are free. In this platform benefits from its competitors. 

Templates look professional and beautiful, use a variety of fonts to create different effects. 

Unlike Jimdo, the developer Wix offers an extensive library of professional images for free use. Shutterstock access is available. 

Templates are structured, you can easily find the right one. A variety of templates helps the user to find a specific instance for a specific purpose. It is very simple. For example, in the section “Music” you can find exactly the template that is needed among the presented options of group or solo performers. 

Attention! Templates are not editable, be defined with them in advance. In case you decide to replace the template, you will have to start from scratch. Jimdo, Shopify and Squarespace are considered more flexible because they allow template editing without losing content. 


The platform allows you to add parallax scrolling, animation and video backgrounds. In the mobile version, they are automatically disabled to avoid performance problems. 

It is a proven fact that animations contribute to usability and performance issues.

4 Content management system (CMS) and Interface

The platform we are considering offers the user three options for creating websites: 

  • Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI); 
  • Editor; 
  • Wix code. 

Let’s look at them in more detail. 

Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

Creating solutions for businesses based on Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence helps the user to realize a certain idea, solve a difficult task, automate business activities, create additional advantages over competitors. 

When creating a site through ADI, you do not need a deep knowledge of the computer. The program itself asks basic questions, collects information and automatically places pages. The user only edits the data by dragging and dropping. It is fast, simple and intuitive. 


In this case, basic computer skills are required. The Editor allows you to change the layout, but limits the HTML / CSS solutions. 

Wix code

This option extends the capabilities and allows you to independently create database collections and spreadsheets, and then automatically structures the site using templates, JavaScript, application program interfaces and analyzing user behavior. 

Wix code is tricky for newbies in programming, but can help you if you decide to seek professional help. 

Is Wix convenient for mobile gadgets?

Most users prefer mobile devices, so site mobility is an important criterion. 

Wix developers insist that when using the platform, the mobile version of the site will look rather interesting. 

However, on the other hand, the platform is designed according to absolute positioning, when web elements are arranged in pixels. Not the fact that the site will adapt to different screen sizes. When developing Squarespace and Shopify, programmers used an adaptive design that allows them to better display the site on any mobile gadget. 

Practice shows that sites created on the Wix platform have some performance problems, especially on mobile devices. When it comes to layout, parts of the web page can go around the corners of the screen. 

However, do not be upset, everything is fixable. Wix makes it possible to resize or drag web elements on mobile gadgets. If you wish, you can create a beautiful website that will be fully displayed on stationary and mobile devices. But it should be understood that the absolute positioning makes the site less mobile. 

Will I have access to the site code? Can I change the provider or export the site?

If you select Artificial Intelligence or Editor, you will not have access to the site code, will not be able to modify the CSS files or export the site. Despite this, there is a workaround for small and medium sites. You can copy and paste the contents of the site into another CMS. 

5 Is Wix convenient for e-commerce?

To get direct access to sales, I recommend you to connect to the Business Basic tariff, which guarantees security for entrepreneurs and ensures the availability of commerce. To start sales, you must only enter the data and set up payment options. This again proves the simplicity of the platform. 

The main functions of e-commerce

The platform provides the following e-commerce features: 

  • Sale of goods in unlimited quantities; 
  • Filtering and sorting products; 
  • Manage online store from your phone through the application; 
  • Goods tracking; 
  • Using the option of the outlet through the square (only for residents of America); 
  • Calculation of delivery in real time (only for residents of America). 

Even a beginner can handle the settings and start trading in a matter of hours. Wix provides integrated features for downloading products, automatically sending emails to confirm orders. 

The platform has flexible tax and transport indicators. You can manually determine taxes for each region, set shipping rates for each region, calculate shipping costs by weight and price. 

E-commerce has the following disadvantages: 

  • No support for dropshipping; 
  • There is no automatic recovery. 

Shopify or Ecwid-based e-commerce applications help eliminate these shortcomings and open up more opportunities for direct delivery. 

Payment gateways and transaction fees

The platform works with different payment gateways, including Paypal, Stripe, Square and Worldpay, without charging a transaction fee. The lack of commission per transaction is the best feature of the Wix platform. Many other platforms are built so that the user has to pay contributions. 

However, despite this plus, Wix is not the optimal platform for online sales. For advanced companies, it’s better to choose Bigcommerce or Shopify. Wix is suitable for small businesses and for the beginners. 

6 Integration with other applications

The platform has its own App Market, which includes more than 300 different applications. Applications were developed by Wix programmers or third parties. The user should know that many applications are limited in functionality with free use and offer a monthly subscription.  

App Market is simple and functional. For example, you can add online chats, pop-ups, planners and calendars to your site. 

The user also has another way to increase the functionality of the site. The platform allows you to use an HTML block to insert a widget from an application.

7 Data Collection

To send a message to a client, Wix provides a standard embedded form. The FormBuilder application is used for its expansion. 

Contact information (customer data) is automatically saved in a special block on your site. If desired, you can import contacts or add them manually. 

Integrated email marketing allows you to send emails. The newsletter includes three free ShoutOuts per month up to 5000 emails. Additional add-ins are paid separately. 

For example, you can connect the Basic ShoutOut add-on, which will allow you to post a list of 10,000 contacts to which you can send 5 emails per month. The number of letters is limited to 9500. Addition is paid, but despite this, your correspondence will display ads. 

Business Essential is more expensive and allows you to place a list of 25,000 contacts to which you can send 20 emails per month. The number of letters is limited to 50,000. 

Expensive Pro Unlimited add-on allows you to post a list of up to 200,000 contacts and send an unlimited amount of correspondence. The number of letters is limited to 1,000,000. In addition, VIP customers receive good technical support as part of this fare. 

If you wish, you can connect to an external mail provider by adding an HTML block. In this case, Wix support implies only basic recommendations. Email marketing Wix keeps you in the environment, allows you not to switch between different sites, saves you money by offering a reasonable fee for its service. For example, the cost of placing 200,000 contacts with Wix is $ 44.90 per month, with Mailchimp – $ 1099 per month. Difference and profit is clear. 

The system has the following disadvantages. The functionality of the email provider is limited, the answering machine or marketing automation functions are missing. If necessary, I recommend using a special application for e-mail marketing. 

8 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Analytics 


SEO functionality ensures the following tasks: 

  • Adding texts and metadata; 
  • URL adjustment; 
  • Create 301 redirects. 

Beginners will like SEO Wiz, which helps optimize a site for search engines, updates page titles, metadata, and terminology. 

SEO Wiz registers users premium rate in the Google Search Console. 

As for me, to understand more complex technical parameters, it will take time. 

A significant disadvantage of SEO is the lack of support for AMP pages. It is clear that AMP pages are instantly downloaded to mobile devices and could improve resource conversion. 

Competitive platforms such as Squarespace, Bigcommerce and Shopify provide this support. It is a pity that Wix does not keep up with the times, but let’s hope that it will correct this omission in the future. 

Analytics and visitor tracking

The platform for creating a website is equipped with a good support for analytics tools, it works with: 

  • Google Analytics; 
  • Google AdWords; 
  • Google Tag Manager; 
  • Facebook Pixel; 
  • Yandex Metric; 
  • Verification code. 

To track the number of visitors, you can use the Google tag manager for third-party code or add your own code. 

9 Wix and GDPR

Attention! The information below presents a purely subjective opinion regarding some of the key problems of the GDPR. 

According to the new EU GDPR laws, website owners should protect the personal data of customers. For failure to comply with the requirements they face fines and other sanctions. If your company is not registered in the EU, but you are focused on EU users, we recommend that you do not break the laws. 

Owners of online stores Wix must: 

  • Ensure confidentiality and cookie notification; 
  • Process and store personal data; 
  • Get user consent for e-mailing; 
  • Get permission to use non-essential cookies. 

It will be easy for owners of Wix online stores to fulfill the first three requirements, although creating the necessary documents takes time and financial expenses. 

The fourth requirement Wix does not fulfill. To get consent to the use of non-essential cookies, visitors should be shown banners that: 

  • Allow them to make a choice; 
  • Register consent to the launch of cookies; 
  • If necessary, withdraw the consent. 

In order not to violate the law, site owners are advised to contact the supplier of the cookie-file or use CookiePro. This is quite a challenge. 

Cookies are a headache not only for the Wix site, but also for other leading web hosts.

10 Support

The Wix Help Center contains an extensive library of articles that helps find the answer to any question. In any case, you can contact customer support by phone and email. Online chat is missing. 

By the way, Squarespace and Jimdo do not provide telephone support. 

Wix phone support is available around the clock on any day of the week for English-speaking users. Users who speak Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese can call any day except weekends. In order not to wait for a response, you can request a callback, which is performed within 5 minutes. 

Email support is not so fast. Since VIP clients receive priority service, users are ready to pay for this service. 

Do I need Wix? Resume

Wix is suitable for novice users, it helps to create a simple and clear, but at the same time multifunctional web site. 

For a moderate monthly fee, you provide yourself with a full-fledged website with a blog, forum, online store, photos, newsletters, pre-orders. 

Professional developers require a fortune for developing such a site. You can do it yourself for low money. 

The pad is easy to use. It offers many support tools and training videos. 

Good instruction helps to understand technical terms. Rest assured, any issue can be resolved. The platform is replete with accurate articles. Yet the cloud platform has its flaws. 

When working with the site Wix can lag. Any button with a function of appearing / disappearing or targeting functionality is annoying and unnecessary. 

Absolute positioning is a clear flaw. 

In addition, the site protects the user from the initiative, forcing to adhere to patterns. You can not use another hosting provider and export the site. 

The site is not transparent. Additional options cost money. And at first, reasonable prices are overgrown with new spending. 

In general, Wix is the right choice for a small business or a private owner with a small capital who wants to create a beautiful and multifunctional website. 

Wix does not fit online sales firms. 

Now consider the main pros and cons of the platform. If you wish, you can download a free trial version of the site. 

Advantages of the site:

  • Simplicity; 
  • The best price; 
  • A large library of professional photos; 
  • Telephone and email support; 
  • Many high quality and useful templates; 
  • Multifunctionality; 
  • Having a good built-in email marketing tool; 
  • Good SEO functionality; 
  • Rich application store; 
  • There is a free version. 

Cons of the site:

  • It is forbidden to edit templates; 
  • Cannot export site data; 
  • Lack of AMP format support; 
  • Many additional paid options that increase the estimate for the site; 
  • Weak mail marketing; 
  • You cannot create a cookie consent banner without third-party tools; 
  • Paid premium support.

Free Wix Trial

The platform offers to download a free trial version and subscribe to a free tariff, which is supported by advertising.

Wix Alternatives

Alternative Wix platforms are Squarespace and Jimdo. 

The first provides expensive responsive websites. Jimdo is cheaper, but in comparison with Wix it provides fully responsive websites. 

For commercial purposes, it is better to use the platforms Bigcommerce or Shopify. 

WordPress is best suited for demos and e-commerce, but requires more configuration and constant maintenance. 

Try free web design and e-commerce

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